About Us

I’m not a classically trained chef.  I just like to cook.  We all have to eat, so we may as well eat well.

The trend I see is that people are cooking less.  My local grocery store just remodeled and there are now more prepared foods being offered than before.  That’s great, but the flip side is that some of the less used ingredients I used to get are no longer available.  “I don’t have time” is the most frequent response I hear as to why people are cooking less.  I chose to post the things I cook to show people it is not that difficult to eat well. 

Like most of you, I work 40+ hours per week.  I still find the time to prepare most of my meals at home.  In doing so, I am eating healthier (and cheaper) than someone going out to lunch and dinner.

I enjoy watching cooking shows and that is where I get some of my inspiration.  However, sometimes I have a dish or ingredient I’ve heard about and decide to figure out how to make that dish.

So I invite you to break out of your comfort zone.  Get in the kitchen and make something.  Make something you love to eat but never made.  Talk to your family members about your favorite recipes they have made.  Teach your kids (or yourself) how to cook so you aren’t forced to go out to eat.  You’ll be surprised what you will learn about your family, other cultures, geography, math and so many other things. 

I’ll say it again – we all have to eat, so we may as well eat well.